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How does warranty work?

If you're local you can pick up any part required or we can post it out to you at our expense. 

Likewise if you're interstate you can take a long monotonous trip to us, but's it's probably better if we post 

it out. All parts are easy to install without any experience.

Please allow 7-14 business days for replacement parts

as they're not always in stock and we have to order them in.

What about servicing?

Machines require almost 0 maintenance (that was a zero). At most a button may get stuck down after years of abuse. A little silicon lube sprayed down the side will fix it. Everything else is designed to be easily accessible and replaceable.

Are updates needed?

Nope! nothing to update ever. You can update to Windows 10 if you really want to though

Why don't you use Hyperspin or other launchers?

Hyperspin looks great, but it's far from perfect and prone to issues. Most of our customers aren't savvy when it comes to front ends so we'd rather have something that is simple and works 100%.

Common problems with Hyperspin and other front ends are that they are memory hungry, need a much higher end system, they lag and they aren't configured right 99% of the time.

Most guys just buy a pre-made system and toss it into a cabinet, Then tell you that the 40% of the games that don't work are beyond their control. We don't do that because we care.

We can use any front end of your choice though, but you'll need to invest some time with their own FAQ guides and bring yourself up to speed. We like to keep it simple and effective.

Can I add more stuff to it?

It's yours. The system isn't locked out so you can add whatever you like to it. It won't break

Are you the same Abs on Reddit, Youtube and those click bait ads?

Yes unfortunately. My difficult customers have become famous for being difficult customers. Something about this industry attracts wonderful people and dickheads alike. See them at

If you're an actual charity (not a charity case) shoot us an email and we'll give you a machine free for 1 month to raise money. It won't cost you anything. It's subject to approval though, for example, a charity that feeds and clothes kids would get much higher priority over a charity raising money to find homes for cats.

If you'd like to keep the machine we can work out a plan to keep a percentage of the takings until it's paid off. This way you'll never need to pay out of pocket or use funds meant for your cause.

How does the charity thingy work?

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